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07/04/2005 Archived Entry: "Not much to celebrate on Independence Day"

IT'S ALWAYS HARD TO CELEBRATE THOSE HOLIDAYS where some particular mood seems demanded. Can't just flip the "jolly" switch on Christmas. Can't fake fondness on Father's Day. Can't wave flags on demand for any of the increasing number of occasions where flag-waving seems demanded (Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, any day George W. Bush opens his fatuous yap ...)

I used to love Independence Day whether I was working on a fireworks crew or merely sitting back and watching somebody else make light. But now ... it's hard. Kim DuToit's so discouraged he used the Fourth as the occasion to lock up his blog. (Let's hope he changes his mind.) Harry Browne's essay on "Uncelebrating the 4th of July" becomes more relevant every year.

The sun is shining, at least. I went out this morning and attacked the blackberry bramble that's grown over the pile of wood and other supplies left over from building Cabin Sweet Cabin. The bramble fought back. We wrestled mightily. The hedge took the early victories. It drew blood. It twisted around my ankles and tripped me. But I was better armed. The hedge that tried to take over that corner of the yard is now cowering before my clippers, begging for mercy -- of which I have no shred.

I'll finish it off this afternoon. It will come back. The thorny little bastards always do. But I'll clipper it. I'll poison it. The meanest, toughest bramble in the world is no match for eternal vigilance, the right weaponry, and angry determination.

Happy Once and Future Independence Day.

(Thanks to Bill St. Clair and Bernie S. for links.)

Posted by Claire @ 03:38 PM CST

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