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10/10/2006 Archived Entry: "Yammerheads"

KIPLING ON YAMMERHEADS Blogispondent Ian here, and I'm sure you know some of them. Those people who can quote chapter and verse from any obscure philosopher in the history of written language - but wouldn't dream of actually acting on any the libertarian philosophy they know so well. Well, Rudyard Kipling knew the type too.

And Tomlinson took up the tale and spoke of his good in life.
"O this I have read in a book," he said, "and that was told to me,
"And this I have thought that another man thought of a Prince in Muscovy."
The good souls flocked like homing doves and bade him clear the path,
And Peter twirled the jangling Keys in weariness and wrath.
"Ye have read, ye have heard, ye have thought," he said, "and the tale is yet to run:
"By the worth of the body that once ye had, give answer—what ha' ye done?"

See the complete poem, entitled "Tomlinson", here. Better yet, find the musical adaptation done by Leslie Fish.

Posted by Ian @ 06:34 PM CST

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