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08/29/2005 Archived Entry: ""Cancelable" biometrics"

"CANCELABLE BIOMETRICS." No, unfortunately this doesn't mean that biometric ID and enslaving databases will go away. Fat chance. It means that IBM says it can make facial-recognition, fingerprint, or other biometric data more secure by storing a systematically distorted version of all the measuring points (sort of like an electronic version of a fun-house mirror). Then when the biometrics are read, the data is unscrambled according to the same forumula. This, they say, will make biometric data unstealable.

They ignore their own spokesperson's statement:

"Let's face it: When it becomes worth hacking, it will be (done)," Palmer said. "The threat right now might not be massive, but I do believe the threat will be large very soon."

(Another find by Mystery Woman.)

Posted by Claire @ 08:42 AM CST

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