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07/22/2005 Archived Entry: "Wally Conger on "The Traveler" (with a mention of RebelFire)"

WALLY CONGER REVIEWS THE HEAVILY HYPED NEW NOVEL The Traveler on LewRockwell.com this morning. Have any of you Wolfesbloggians read it?

Wally, who earlier wrote a great review of RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone, has kind words but also this reality check for RF in his current piece:

Unlike the recent Suprynowicz and Wolfe/Zelman novels both published by small publishing houses with tiny marketing budgets that rely heavily on the kindness of online reviewers and libertarian bloggers The Traveler comes from a publishing giant and has an aggressive marketing campaign behind it.

By all accounts The Traveler isn't a particularly well-written book, even if it is an interesting one. But it's on the New York Times bestseller list, while Vin has sold fewer than 1,500 copies of The Black Arrow after months of aggressive marketing, and RebelFire, despite its glowing five-star reviews (check out the latest one from writer George Potter) and amazing early fan support (check out the pix behind that link!), still climbs slowly toward 1,000.

Posted by Claire @ 07:43 AM CST

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