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03/31/2003 Archived Entry: "My cabin sweet cabin"

Home_Sweet_Home (29k image)

ON A LIGHTER NOTE ... Somebody asked if I really live in a one-room cabin. Yep, here it is -- all 350 square feet of it -- still under construction, as you may notice. If you look closely, you can also see part of the mutt crew on the deck.

I designed the cabin, had the shell built, and am doing the siding & interior finishing myself. So I'm sort of a proud Mom to this little house, just as I am to my dog-family.

I've chosen to be poor because it's the best way for me to live in harmony with my principles (no SSN, not financing evil). Sometimes the insecurity of the life bugs me. Other times -- like when looking at my tiny gem of a cottage and my best friends -- I think I may be the richest poor person on the planet.

Posted by Claire @ 06:59 PM CST

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