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05/15/2007 Archived Entry: "Rumors of my disappearance are (once again) premature"

RUMORS THAT I HAVE ESCAPED TO A TROPICAL ISLE are unfortunately premature. As -- more fortunately -- are rumors that I've been Wacoed, hit by a truck, or died on the floor of Cabin Sweet Cabin and been consumed by dogs.

I've been mostly off-line (and completely without regular email) for a week due to a combination of circumstances. Clairewolfe.com was down for a while, and when I finally got access today, I discovered that my hosting service had eaten an entire week's worth of mail. So if you've mailed anything really good to my clairewolfe.com email in the last week ... sigh ... please re-send.

ADDENDUM: I also hear from PSM that the host-service's problems resulted in recent blog entries disappearing. Several people also told me that their emails to clairewolfe.com bounced. Sigh. My apologies.

Posted by Claire @ 12:12 PM CST

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