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03/24/2007 Archived Entry: ""ScholarChip" -- start the control when they're too young to object"

IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROL. By the time Our Masters have us on our knees begging for "enhanced" driver's licenses (aka national ID; see my last blog entry), we'll be SO conditioned. Exhibit A: "ScholarChips" for high-school students.

Note that the linked article doesn't even give lip service to the standard claim that all this tracking is "for the children" or "for security." It's about control. Naked, authoritarian control. The advocates and marketers of cradle-to-grave tracking devices don't even need to pretend otherwise any more. Because almost nobody's objecting.

(Nods to Randall the Dreamer for the lead to the story.)

Posted by Claire @ 12:07 PM CST

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