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08/21/2003 Archived Entry: "Bill of Rights to Nome/"Victory Act""

IDITEROD RACER MIKE LAWLESS plans to carry the Bill of Rights to Nome. You can help sponsor his run and get yourself an autographed copy of the BoR -- as well as raise a little more awareness of this most-abused document. The BoR-to-Nome run is co-sponsored by the Fairbanks Bill of Rights Defense Committee, which has this unusually comprehensive (and scary) list of Patriot Act and related abuses on its Web site.

Defending the BoR looks more important than ever, now that the newly drafted the Victory Act (don't you just love these Hitlerian names?) threatens to link the drug war and the terror war into one big War on Freedom.

BTW, the Victory Act is Sen. Orrin Hatch in action AGAIN. The man's dragging us toward the Control State more tenaciously than all the sled dogs of all the Iditerods ever run have dragged racers to Nome.

Posted by Claire @ 10:22 AM CST

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