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05/03/2004 Archived Entry: "High gas prices driving people into corporate arms?"

THIS ARTICLE SAYS GAS PRICES have gone up $.35 per gallon since December. Not sure what planet that's on, but in my neighborhood gas prices have gone up almost exactly that much in the last three weeks. Since I returned from my trip it's been a tad spooky watching the prices on the signs go up by a cent or three every single day.

Damn. Go to war for oil and not even get cheap gas out of it!

The article isn't actually about that, though. Its point is that, to compensate for high gas prices, people are spending less on groceries. They're allegedly abandoning grocery stores and fleeing into the arms of the big discount superstores. Understandable, if true. But in many rural areas, that also means they're fleeing from Mom and Pop's IGA franchise for the easy virtues of the mega-corp, sad to see.

Posted by Claire @ 11:30 AM CST

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