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05/04/2004 Archived Entry: "The Prisoner's Village comes to America"

THE PRISONER'S VILLAGE COMES TO AMERICA. With more than a little help from the EPA and the Department of Homeland Security, an entrepreneur plans to turn an idyllic Maine island into a mini-surveillance state. Not only will cameras watch every movement on the island, photograph every license plate, and try to recognize every face, but "intelligent" software will decide who's trustworthy and who's "suspicious."

And of course, the systems will pay special attention to anyone who appears to want to avoid detection.

It's all better than "walking around looking over your shoulder, being afraid someone is going to attack you," says the fed-sucking businessman. No evidence is given that anyone on the island actually is in constant danger of attack. And the article doesn't mention why the feds should give money to encourage one man's apparent paranoid mental illness. Isn't there a pill he could take for his condition, instead?

And just remember ... There is no escape from The Village.

"What do you want?"


"You won't get it!"

"By hook or by crook ... we will."

Posted by Claire @ 09:15 AM CST

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