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07/30/2003 Archived Entry: "Advancing SSN encroachment/pilot program"

SIX YEARS AGO, IN THE SAME BINGE OF BIG-BROTHER LEGISLATION that gave us the Deadbeat Dad's Database (i.e. database of all employed Americans), the SSN-based national-I.D. drivers license, and the unique medical identifier (so far thwarted by Ron Paul and our few friends in Congress), the Congress of the Republican Revolution authorized a pilot program involving our social security numbers and our ability to work.

In the pilot program, applicants would have to get the government's permission before being allowed to take a job. That is, the Social Security Administration would have to approve their SSN. Only after that would Americans be "permitted" to work in their own country.

I hadn't heard a word about the pilot program since viewing the 1996 legislation & was hoping (foolishly, I know) that no news was good news. Tonight that pilot program popped up casually in an NPR report on "Protecting Social Security Numbers." Don't bother with the printed article at this link. It's a bore. But give a listen to the broadcast story linked from that page. NPR and the government are thinking in terms of better ways to "protect" your SSN while at the same time giving more government agencies and private businesses access to your Social Security Administration files, the better to cement your national ID in place. Turn the story upside-down, however, and it contains a few tips for how freedom-loving people can outfox them.

Posted by Claire @ 09:30 PM CST

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