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06/25/2003 Archived Entry: "Harry Potter: Libertarian"

BOY, HAVING YOUR 'NET CONNECTION GOING UP AND DOWN faster than a politician's popularity ratings is grueling. After two days of now-it's-running/now-it's-not -- and don't forget those dazzling speeds of 7.84 kbps! -- it's a relief to be back online. Somebody needs to write a book about the love-hate relationship we have with our computers. Or is it a master-slave relationship with serious questions about which is which?

In any case, thanks to Wicked Woman Debra for stepping in yesterday with her subversive message. Girl, I like the way you think and I wish you'd blog here more often.

Okay. To get off to a "lite" start, and in honor of the new Harry Potter release, here's an oldie but a goodie sent by Irrepressible Ernie: Natalie Solent's wry explanation of libertarianism in Harry's world.

Posted by Claire @ 10:41 AM CST

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