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01/06/2004 Archived Entry: "Letters for Hunter"

LEDITORS FOR HUNTER. Susan Callaway (formerly Sierra Sue or Mama Sierra, over at SierraTimes, has a nice article on Hunter's outrageous concealed-carry arrest. Her article includes the full text of two leditors by FIJA-ians Iloio Jones and Don Doig. Nice going, folks.

Both letters are models of the kind of calm, reasoned approach that can most help Hunter's cause.

BTW, speaking of help for Hunter, you guys are coming across, big time! Legal defense funds are pouring in -- nearly $1,000 in the first 36 hours or so, and that's just to the accounts Debra and I monitor. No idea how much may be on its way to KeepAndBearArms.com, which is taking the snail-mail donations, or to Sunni, who's also accepting some donations (including "walking-around" money for Hunter -- who still can't get his vehicle back or return to his job or his home). If you want to donate online but refuse to use PayPal, KABA should soon have alternate online donations set up.

Posted by Claire @ 09:05 AM CST

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