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09/21/2005 Archived Entry: "Liz Michael says its time to shoot the bastards"

LIZ MICHAEL HAS MORE COURAGE THAN I DO. Or perhaps it's just more chutzpah. But she says it's time to shoot the bastards. And she names a few target groups.

I admit that, somewhere between passage of the Real ID act and the brutal bureaucratic botch after Hurricane Katrina, I was slapped into the conclusion that this is the time to shoot the bastards. Effective or not, there just comes a day when a man or woman of self-respect can do nothing else.

Public proclamations of intent, however, are another matter. Neither Ms. Michael nor I have picked up arms and marched off to follow Ms. Michael's advice. It's fall and its beautiful here on my hill and I don't intend to die today unless the battle comes to me.

(Found via Bill St. Clair's ever-estimable blog.)

Posted by Claire @ 09:59 AM CST

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