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01/17/2004 Archived Entry: "Economic predictions & analyses"

DOES IT SOMETIME SEEM AS IF THE ECONOMY IS A BALL BALANCED ON THE NOSE OF A SEAL? Or maybe the economy is the top member of a human pyramid atop a bicycle atop a high wire? It's seemed like that since the 1970s at least (if not earlier, when politicians pulled that last precious-metal backing out of U.S. currency) and the doomsayers have been wrong again and again. Yet that pretty, bright-colored ball can't stay up there forever. Eventually somebody in that human pryamid is going to twitch and everybody had better hope there's a net underneath. This report by a major money manager predicting a stock market "bloodbath" in 2005 or 2006 makes a lot of sense, as does Gary North's analysis of some strange recent money moves, "Sitting on a String."

Yeah, I know Gary North's track record isn't great and that the whole field of economic analysis and forecasting is about as reliable as casting runes or reading the I Ching. But one of these days ...

Posted by Claire @ 01:27 PM CST

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