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04/05/2006 Archived Entry: "RFID lesson plan for kiddies"

WOW. IT JUST GETS SCARIER AND SCARIER. Here's a New York Times lesson plan to teach middle-schoolers and high-schoolers about RFID people-tracking technologies. It begins with students "sharing opinions" about spychipping humans. But notice that from there on, the only "opinions" allowed are entirely pro-RFID. After expressing their presumably glowing endorsements of universal surveillance, our kidlets are asked to spend the rest of their time brainstorming new ways to track themselves -- and the rest of us.

Who comes up with this stuff? And where does the NYT get off calling this propaganda "education"?

(Thank you to Katherine -- although once again this feels more like a cause for cursing than thanks.)

Posted by Claire @ 02:09 PM CST

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