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03/31/2004 Archived Entry: "Domestic spy agency in the making/time to gulch"

WASN'T THE UNPATRIOT ACT WRITTEN TO TAKE CARE OF THIS PROBLEM? That's what they said at the time, remember? But no. The 9-11 commission now says we need a new agency entirely dedicated to spying on Americans. Perhaps even a whole military command. The ideas vary -- and you might want to carry a barf bag while embarking on the article behind that link -- but whether they call it the Stasi, the KGB, or the All-American Star-Spangled Flag-Waving God&Country Good-Neighbor Homeland-Security Apple-Pie-Spy-Shop ... BOHICA. No matter whose plan you read, you're looking at a baaaaaaaad idea.

Time to build those gulches, folks. Time to think in terms of protecting and making discreet common cause with fellow freedom lovers so we can emerge after the fall of this police state and restore the concept of individual rights. The world doesn't want to be saved from itself (or from those who want to "help" it into totalitarianism). Save ourselves so we can save the vision that will let our kids and grandkids rebuild a free society out of the wreckage.

Posted by Claire @ 09:31 AM CST

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