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11/09/2003 Archived Entry: "AnarchoBabes and LibertyChix!"

ANARCHOBABES AND LIBERTYCHIX! Whoo hoo! There's a new blog in town and it looks like a hot one. Anybody who's been complaining that there aren't enough women in the freedom movement should head over and check out The AnarchoBabes. aka Free Heart, Dakota, and Rebel with a Clue. These three 20-something (or maybe early 30-something) women have about a batallion's worth of female energy between them.

Their anarcho-blog is brand new, with barely a week of entries. Free Heart, whoever this young spirit may be, alerted me to it this morning via e-mail (and Free Heart, you really didn't have to fawn that much; I'd have hopped on it, anyway). Normally, I'd say wait and see what develops. But their world of guns, sex, babies (in Free Heart's case), alternative relationships, and capital-A Attitude is already pretty out there.

The babes talk back and forth with each other while also putting hardcore freedom content into their messages. You might have to read multiple posts from the bottom of the blog upward to follow the conversation. You'll probably be entertained -- and if you're of a conservative, traditional-family bent, you might also be a little shocked by these highly uninhibited "grrlz."

Posted by Claire @ 01:35 PM CST

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