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12/18/2003 Archived Entry: ""Return of the King""

LONG LIVE THE KING! I drove to the Big City yesterday to catch "Return of the King." Well, not exactly the Big City, but at least a town with a two-plex that shows first-run movies (rather than the local one-plex, which has finally quit showing "Anastasia" and moved on to a perpetual run of "Finding Nemo").

The short form of my review is: All the essential elements are fully, brilliantly intact. And none of Jackson's departures from Tolkein do harm. In fact, unlike the egregious Hollywoody changes in "The Two Towers," a few of the departures in ROTK actually enhance the story.

Currently, there are 141 reviews of ROTK online at RottenTomatoes.com. That 138 are "fresh" and only three "rotten" says it all. The trilogy has risen powerfully to its feet after the stumbles of TTT. It has ended in one grand, glorious cinematic victory.

Quibble with this detail or that (as we no doubt will, for decades), but nobody can deny that Jackson has done monumentally right by one of the most challenging stories any filmmaker could ever take on. In fact, I can't imagine any director who could have done better.

With 141 reviews already out there and more to come, I'm not going to write a formal review of my own. But throughout this morning I'll be jotting down some random impressions. Since they contain some spoilers, I'll put them behind the "more" link.

My random impressions the morning after ROTK

Glory halellujah and thank you, Peter Jackson for doing it right!!!

Posted by Claire @ 06:27 AM CST

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