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03/28/2007 Archived Entry: "Absinthe: The Other Green Goddess"

"THE OTHER GREEN GODDESS." Purely enchanting poetry in prose. And a nice little slam at the drug warriors, too.

“The Prohibitionist must always be a person of no moral character; for he cannot even conceive of the possibility of a man capable of resisting temptation.” -- Aleister Crowley

I’ve been waiting for this moment. My long anticipated date with the Green Goddess is tonight. But will I live to tell about it? Or will she make me cut off my ear and wrap it in newspaper like Van Gogh?

The Green Goddess I speak of is absinthe—the notorious, mysterious, allegedly hallucinogenic, herbal, highly alcoholic, bitter, translucent green beverage that is barred in the United States and many other countries because it supposedly causes in its users episodes of madness, violence and epilepsy.

Being illegal, the only way to obtain absinthe is through mail order from the European dark market. So, from an ad I found in the back of Modern Drunkard Magazine, I ordered a cask of absinthe.

Tonight I plan to drink it all.

Read and hear the tale. Did author Edwin Decker plummet into madness? Or did he -- and his ear and his sanity -- survive their night of debauchery intact?

(DT sent this. Hello, DT; long time invisible man.)

Posted by Claire @ 01:22 PM CST

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