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08/24/2004 Archived Entry: "CIA "dismantling" plan and the mainstream media"

DISMANTLE THE CIA? What's most (unintentionally) interesting about this New York Times article is that it presents the plan as some sort of shocking, virtually revolutionary act, coming oh-so-surprisingly from a former CIA stalwart in Congress. Read on and what you discover is a plan to maintain the CIA down to the last file clerk -- but expand intelligence gathering under three bureaucratic fiefdoms instead of one. And to inflict yet another powerful "czar" upon America.

This supposed act of rebellion is just another plan to expand government power. Another of the periodic and always futile plans to "fix" the always-broken CIA. So what's the NYT's motivation in presenting it as something revolutionary? Just because it comes from an R, in apparent opposition to the Bush administration? Whatever else this plan does, "dismantling" is about the last descriptor an honest person would use.

The Times is not only preoccupied with the deck chairs on the Titanic. It's fussing over whether the colors of the seat cushions match.

Posted by Claire @ 09:00 AM CST

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