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03/01/2007 Archived Entry: "Boston Bomb Squad: We put the error in terror"

YOU CAN FEEL VERY "SECURE" IN BOSTON if having police shut down the city so they can "detonate" children's toys and random metal boxes is what makes you feel "secure." (The bomb squad generally prefers to "disrupt" their targets with explosive-driven water cannons.)

Silver here. The morons who disrupted the city for a day over Lite Brite signs of Mooninites are at it again. Last time they extorted $2 million from a private firm; this time it won't be so profitable. Today the Boston Bomb Squad blew up a traffic counter. They decided that a vandal-resistant cubical metal box, chained to lamp post, with cables that lay across the street was such a threat it had to be blown to bits on the spot.

It DOES have all of the criteria the Boston PD and Mayor "Mumbles" Menino used to define a legitimate threat: a box, with wires, and perhaps a battery inside. So does a discarded VCR, or any iPod, cell phone, Walkman, MP3 player, pager, or Abu Ghraib protester. That's right, the BPD used the same charges of a "hoax" device to arrest a hooded man standing on a milk crate with wires attached to his body.

Some people say these fools are overreacting. I think they just like to blow stuff up. Most boys do, most outgrow it. The ones that don't can always pursue their dream job on the bomb squad.

Seriously, these boobs have now cried wolf so many times that they will be widely ignored should a real threat arise. The authoritarian mindset can never admit a mistake, never grasp the limits of power, and will never realize that their own actions can diminish their ability to control other people's lives.

Thanks to Bruce Schneier's blog for the tip, informative commentary on the Mooninite debacle, and a great soundbite:

Boston PD: Putting the "error" in "terror."

Posted by Silver @ 01:43 PM CST

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