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The less I have, the more thankful I am. Strange. Counterintuitive. But lately I've been more grateful for a peanutbutter sandwich than I ever was for a lobster dinner. That's indicative of some changes that have been taking place in my life, but more indicative of changes that have been taking place in me. How very little we really need to be happy.

It's me, PSM, by the way. Hi.

So what's the freedom tie-in here? Perhaps just that next to life itself, freedom is the very simplest of the simple pleasures, and the one for which I am most thankful.

I just can't be depressed today. I know what kind of a world we're living in, and I know the future is dark.

But all I can seem to muster up is gratitude. I woke up this morning, for one thing. Nothing hurts, my children are healthy, and I'm not in prison. Today I will come and go as I please, I will talk with whom I choose to, and I will enjoy my dinner with my family.

James Dean said, "Dream like you will live forever. Live like you will die today."

Tomorrow I'll go back to marking the erosion of freedom. But not today.

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