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05/06/2004 Archived Entry: "Under construction"

YOU CAN SEE WE'RE UNDER CONSTRUCTION around here this morning. Debra's adding a sidebar so that we can have various items handy: links to other blogs, "classic" entries from Wolfesblog, and soon links to our stores. Wolfesblog stats say that we're averaging more than 600 visits a day (three times what the old Wolfe's Lodge got!). The stats also tell us the average visit is under one minute -- pop in, read today's blogstuff, pop out. That's the nature of blogs, it seems. So it makes sense to put important links right out where even a 15-second visitor can see them -- and maybe become a 45-second visitor. :-)

We'll also be reopening our Cafepress store soon, since they dropped the policy that made all small stores completely unprofitable. Cafepress merchandise is overpriced, but it's still a fun, easy way for a little Web site to be able to offer custom-made goods without all the big upfront expenses and fulfillment. And our old Cafepress store was the only place in the world to get my favorite item: A wall clock that asks "Is it time yet?"

Posted by Claire @ 08:19 AM CST

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