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04/11/2005 Archived Entry: "Two Muslim schoolgirls enter the Kafkaesque world of "detention""

AND THEN THEY CAME FOR THE SCHOOLGIRLS AND ... claimed that the 16-year-olds planned to become suicide bombers, but ...

The case underscores the difficulties faced by anyone who is charged only with civil immigration violations, but is in fact being held in a counterterrorism investigation, lawyers said.

There are no firm time limits on immigration detention, so the burden is on the girls to prove that they are not potential suicide bombers, rather than on the government to prove they are.

Indeed, the evidence is withheld from the girls and anyone who represents them under a "protective order" that F.B.I. investigators obtained from the immigration court, according to an April 1 motion to continue the secrecy, signed by Jeffrey T. Bubier, assistant chief counsel for the Department of Homeland Security in Philadelphia.

"The F.B.I. has an important and substantial interest in safeguarding the information," Mr. Bubier's motion stated, "to protect national security law and enforcement interests." To release it, he said, "places investigative strategies and methods at substantial risk."

The girls have no right to a court-appointed lawyer, and according to the government document that described the Guinean girl, her family had not retained one.

The Bangladeshi girl's father, who sells cheap watches wholesale and, he said, earns less than $16,000 a year, hired a New York immigration lawyer for $2,500. But the lawyer declined to attend her first hearing, according to a motion he filed seeking to handle the matter "telephonically," because of "time constraints."

More on the case of the 16-year old girl, a very popular child at her high school who's been in the U.S. since she was two years old.

And more on both cases, with the only alleged details of the girls' alleged crime I could locate.

If they've done something illegal, then why not take them into court, bring the charges, and show the evidence? What kind of Kafkaesque, Stalinesque, Orwellian madhouse are Bushevik politicians and globo-crats turning this country into????? And schoolgirls? You'd do this to schoolgirls????? No wonder people all over the world hate you, you bastards! If this (and today's earlier story on "rendition") are your idea of "freedom and justice," you deserve every bit of the world's loathing.

And just remember when you file your taxes, kind readers ... you're paying for this.

(The news comes from Randall the Dreamer, who usually brings better tidings.)

Posted by Claire @ 05:37 PM CST

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