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08/02/2007 Archived Entry: "World Privacy Forum's 10 Most Important Opt-Outs"

I DON'T BELIEVE ANYONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO OPT OUT of marketing, data-mining, or credit schemes. Businesses should have to get our consent before using our private information for their own commercial purposes. Ah well. Since the reality is otherwise, the World Privacy Forum has attempted to limit the madness of having to opt out of every damn thing by publishing the 10 most important opt outs.

Some of these are good. But I'd be leery of their #1 choice, the fedgov's National Do Not Call list. Yeah, "preserve privacy" by giving your phone number to the government and telling them you don't like snooping. That'll protect you, shure 'nuff. The fact that the fedlist exempts politicians is the maraschino cherry on the poison cupcake. Otherwise, not a bad list from the WPF if you're tired of being barraged by junk calls and junk mail.

(A find, once again, by privacy maven Richard Smith.)

Posted by Claire @ 03:01 PM CST

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