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02/16/2007 Archived Entry: "Citizen self-help"

HM. SO THE PASSENGERS AND CREW beat the crap out of the hijacker and disarmed him so "security forces" could haul his useless carcass away. And an armed citizen stopped the deadly rampage at Trolley Square.

The media makes much of the fact that the Trolley Square hero was an "off-duty officer," repeating the phrase four, five, six, or more times in some stories. Few mention that the mall has a rule against carrying firearms. Had Ken Hammond, in his capacity as an armed citizen, obeyed the rules and left his gun outside, who knows how many more would have died? But we can't say that, can we? Can't say that an individual, disregarding an unsafe rule, took action. Must say that it was a policeman who saved the day. Just as it was security forces who captured the hijacker.

(Thank you, CC, and nice to hear from you again.)

Posted by Claire @ 12:58 PM CST

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