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02/18/2005 Archived Entry: "Desert Hermitage vs Home, Home in the Woods"

DESERT HERMITAGE VS HOME, HOME IN THE WOODS. Somebody asked me yesterday if I were going to blog about the differences now that I've had a few weeks back in Cabin Sweet Cabin. I have to give some thought to that. Mostly been too busy to pay much attention. But I can tell you the #1 big difference is: too little connectivity vs too much connectivity.

Down there, Net access was ironically both a rare treat and a distraction I was thrilled to avoid. Got a lot of work done and had a lot of peace of mind. No temptations to chatter on the TCF forums all day. No barrage of bad news to tug at heart and brain. I felt incredibly centered and focused. Well, when the plumbing wasn't bursting.

Here, Net access is (I hate this expression) 24/7. It takes discipline to avoid its lures and snares -- and I've always been a follower of Oscar Wilde's dictum that the best way to rid yourself of a temptation is to yield to it.

Writing keeps me at the computer a lot, naturally. But with broadband always on, it's so eeeeeasy, every time I'm stuck on a concept of bored with a project to say, "Oh, just gotta go see how that watched item is doing at eBay!" or "Wonder if there's anything new in the Infamous Twinkie Thread at TCF?" And email. Oooooh, email. Then, of course, there's always some thought that wanders through that simply must be lassoed, wrestled to the ground, and blogged.

You know. Really important things. And those things link to other things, which link to other things ...

Cabin Sweet Cabin on its beautiful green hill ought to be a peaceful place. But I make the atmosphere jangly at times with that frenetic energy that seems to emanate from the Net.

SWF seeks happy medium for days of contemplative solitude on hilltop.

Posted by Claire @ 08:37 AM CST

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