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06/16/2006 Archived Entry: ""Siamese Dogs" (another Claire art toddler step)"

I SWORE I WOULDN'T TURN WOLFESBLOG into an electronic refrigerator for posting Little Claire's toddler art. But what the heck. It's Friday, time for some lightness. And yesterday I just happened to catch a pair of my dogs posing for optimal cuteness. (They were pretending just to be having an ordinary old nap, those sly little pooches.)

So ... here's another pastel sketch (over acrylic washes) of "Siamese Dogs," Nadia and Suki.

I had some xtreme struggles on part of this (artists will recognize which portion is over-labored). But still ... getting there, getting there. Is anybody out there getting inspired yet to pursue some neglected skill or take up some old interest?

Posted by Claire @ 12:26 PM CST

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