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05/08/2006 Archived Entry: "Paladin makes its acquisition of Loompanics titles official"

WELL, IT'S OFFICIAL. Paladin Press has very graciously announced its acquisition of 40 Loompanics titles. The (almost) complete list is behind the link. And I got my welcome letter on Friday.

I'm liking this. Paladin is bigger than Loompanics and although the royalty amounts they pay are the same, their royalty schedule and terms are a bit more author-friendly than Loompanics' were. They're very nice people, to boot. Couldn't ask for a happier ending. Or beginning.

I'm also delighted to see that the classic Principia Discordia and the important Guns Save Lives will continue to be available. And of course the works of Mr. Eddie the Wire!

Mike Hoy, enjoy your retirement. Loompanics staff ... I'll miss you.

Posted by Claire @ 01:19 PM CST

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