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01/04/2007 Archived Entry: "Bush claims authority to open mail without a warrant"

SO. BUSH IS NOW USING HIS INFAMOUS SIGNING STATEMENTS not merely to say he won't enforce laws, but to make up new "laws" -- in this case, to give his agents the power to open mail without a warrant. But only in "exigent circumstances," of course. Hm. Do you s'pose Frat-Boy in Chief even knows what "exigent" means? Sure he does. The definition of "exigent" is "whenever the Decider feels like it."

These signing statements are fascinating. Never learned about 'em in civics class, did you? Never learned that the leader of a "democratic" country could just cancel laws or make new ones up: "Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kinda cool," as Clintonista Paul Begala notoriously said. (Oh, and do you remember how much that remark upset those good "limited government" Republicans, back then?)

Anybody out there able to come up with any reasonable argument that this is not a form of dictatorship?

Posted by Claire @ 05:11 PM CST

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