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05/03/2006 Archived Entry: "I give sex advice"

WELL, THAT WAS A NEW EXPERIENCE. I've just been interviewed by Kate Sullivan, a writer from Nerve.com (don't click on that link unless you're ready for R-rated material). The topic: "Sex advice from gun enthusiasts."

Every Thursday, Nerve runs a column of sex advice (mostly humorous) from people who don't usually give sex advice -- photographers, cowboys, romance novelists, you name it. Some of the questions pertain to their areas of expertise; some are just off the wall. Two weeks from tomorrow, I'll apparently be one of four vict ... experts. Wonder who the others will be?

Gotta give Ms. Sullivan credit. She never once asked the obvious question about guns as phallic symbols, nor were any of her questions ignorant or prejudiced. And she didn't have to ask what a Kimber 1911 was.

But boy, I sure hope I gave the right answer to that question about sheep ...

Posted by Claire @ 01:07 PM CST

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