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11/23/2005 Archived Entry: "Sober worm rides on Bushevik coattails"

IT'S FUNNY -- IN BOTH THE "FUNNY STRANGE" AND "FUNNY HA HA" SENSES -- that the new variant on the Sober worm is traveling so rapidly by pretending to come from the FBI, the CIA, or the German national police.

The text tells the recipient they've been caught visiting 30 "illegal web sites" and demands that they open an attachment supposedly containing questions from "the authorities."

I suspect there was a time when the average American (if not the average German) would have intuitively known that he wasn't under investigation by the feds. After all, the feds were only interested in investigating criminals and spies (and okay, a few prominent celebrities, a few prominent radicals ...). Right?

Now, under the Bushevik regime, even Joe and Jo Average readily believe, even if they don't think about it much, that Big Brother can watch everything and that everyone is a suspect. And who knows, maybe millions really do feel guilty about the websites they or someone in their family might have been visiting.

Posted by Claire @ 10:00 AM CST

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