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04/06/2005 Archived Entry: "ChoicePoint hires privacy officer"

CHOICEPOINT HIRES A PRIVACY OFFICER. Wait, wait. Don't start laughing yet. Sure, you and I know that the only way ChoicePoint could ever respect privacy would be to disband and apologize for its very existence. But hiring a privacy officer isn't the really hysterical part.

The really hysterical part is that the new privacy officer currently works for the TSA.

What? We can now expect ChoicePoint, that gang of unindicted data rapers, to show respect for our privacy by putting us through strip searches and taking away our nail clippers, too???

(Oh yeah. And in the meantime the FBI also wants more judge-less search powers. As SJ notes: "No surprise.")

Posted by Claire @ 12:17 PM CST

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