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12/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Anniversary of the federal reserve system"

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Ninety years ago today, the fedgov created the Federal Reserve system, thus hijacking the U.S. banking system & turning it into a hog trough for big government. Hm. Maybe that's not such a happy anniversary, after all.

But there's some good news. The Foundation for Economic Education, from which that linked article came, has a new leader, Richard Ebeling. And FEE has gone back to the original great name for their publication, The Freeman. (They changed it to the whimpy, but politically correct, Ideas on Liberty a few years ago, after a few fools mistook their Freeman for those Freemen, in Montana.) Let's hope the new pres and revived name signal new energy from one of liberty's revered institutions.

Posted by Claire @ 09:41 AM CST

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