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12/23/2003 Archived Entry: ""Your silence is appreciated""

LOTS OF THINGS MIGHT STRIKE YOU IN THIS ACCOUNT OF AN AUSTRALIAN JOURNALIST'S "DETENTION" IN THE U.S. Its creepy coldness. Its irrationality. Its mindless bureaucratic procedures in defiance of all reality. The bizarre paranoia of airport functionaries when confronted with a woman who works for "a cross between Good Housekeeping and People" -- and whose subversive mission in the U.S. was to interview Olivia Newton-John. About breast cancer.

But what struck me was a sign: "Your silence is appreciated." It reminds me of something.

Atek3 sent this -- with a note that his Russian emigre co-worker says yes indeed it looks a lot like the KGB is alive and thriving in America.

Posted by Claire @ 12:09 PM CST

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