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03/24/2004 Archived Entry: "Ian McCollum: More on that FAL"

IAN HAS MORE ON THAT FAL. Earlier this month Ian McCollum and friends went to the range to test some evil black rifles. As you might recall, the FAL they tried out that day had some minor malfunctions. I asked Ian to keep the blog posted on how he and his friend solve FAL-ups. Still workin' on it. Here's his latest update. (Thanks, Ian!)

Another Chapter in the FAL Story...

Well, I hit the range again with my friend and his new Ohio Rapid Fire FAL. The weather was much more pleasant this time, and our plan was to sight it in and shoot some groups for accuracy.

Unfortunately, we hit a snag while sighting it in. After moving the rear sight as far left as it can go, the rifle still hits about 3 MOA to the right of its point of aim.This is most likely an indication of a mis-timed barrel. Basically, the barrel is either tightened too far into the receiver or not far enough, resulting in a slightly canted front sight base. This is an endemic problem with imported AKs, but can happen with most any rifle made from a parts kit (I've read of one gent who had a mistimed rifle from DSA, of all places).

Anyway, my friend is talking to ORF about getting this fixed. I guess we'll see how good their customer service is. I'm not ready to really hold this against them because it is an easy mistake to make on a build and I haven't heard of many other people having problems with them. I'll report back when more develops.

Posted by Claire @ 11:51 AM CST

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