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03/09/2007 Archived Entry: "Hans Hummel of Hi Mountain responds to my product queries"

HANS HUMMEL ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS from yesterday's blog entry about custom ways to prepare Hi Mountain jerkies. I've pasted his response below.

He also mentioned that while he had received about 600 "drop Zumbo" emails during the Big Outrage, he got only about 30 "thanks yous" after severing his sponsorship. That's sad and doesn't speak well of the other 570 letter writers. But on the plus side, those 30 thank you notes were an inspiration. And I know for a fact that at least a couple thank yous arrived with orders. Even better.

Hans' reply on custom jerky preps

To answerer your question in your blog, I have never tried marinating with the fruit juices. Now I will have to try though.

The make up of the juice will most likely break down the meat faster and cause it to cure faster. Pineapple extractives are used in a lot of marinades for this reason. My suspicion is that you would want to cut the cure in half or reduce the curing time in half. (You will know it is cured if it is pink all the way through.) When the seasoning is applied, make sure the meat is patted fairly dry or the seasoning will not adhere to it.

A lot of our customers use our seasoning in some combination with Teriyaki sauce. The combination is too salty for me personally, but again you could cut back on cure again.

Our Mandarin Teriyaki is our most mild seasoning. I double the amount of seasoning we suggest on the instructions, when I make it. That flavor was developed by the former owners (along with the Zumbo association). I've considered kicking it up a notch, but it is really popular.

Thanks for the note on the packaging. We have some new boxes in house, but we had A LOT of inventory on hand when this went down. Trust me; I want the change sooner than anybody. Thanks for your blog and forum. Some of us feel more comfortable there, than at the CATO cocktail parties. smile Also, I'm glad you had a good customer service experience. I think the world of our fine staff.

Posted by Claire @ 09:19 AM CST

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