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01/01/2007 Archived Entry: "Hardyville: The Coup, Part VII"

CITIZENS OF HARDYVILLE, new and old alike, learn to cope with Hardyville's finest (you remember: those rejects from the ATF ...)

On a not-quite-related note: A stranger stumbled upon an old Hardyville column yesterday and sent Debra a curt note, "Is this for real? Or is it a take off on the Mark Twain story, 'The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg'?" Ha. I should be so talented as to steal borrow from Mark Twain.

But Hadleyburg is a great old story. Long time favorite. Fun to read, and it gives a very fine little lesson about the perils of trying to achieve virtue by shutting out all option for vice. So, since we're in the midst of this extra, extra, extra long holiday weekend (and please be sure if you get Tuesday off to worship show your grateful respect for Our Departed Glorious Leader, Hero of Democracy and Savior of the Nation ... (uh, what was his name again?) ... oh yeah -- Gerald Ford), thought you might enjoy a nice little Mark Twain read.

So here it is: "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg". Enjoy!

Now I'm off to put some unwritten New Years resolutions into action. More later. And may you kick righteous butt in 2007.

Posted by Claire @ 12:57 PM CST

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