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12/16/2005 Archived Entry: "On Being "Made""

THIS IS TRUTH on a profound level. On being a mafia "made" man and being a free human person; it all comes from within. The writing also ties in eerily, albeit indirectly, with the memory I was mysteriously moved to post last night.

Everything about that site is well thought out. I love the photo of Fallingwater, which may be the most magnificent human-scale structure ever built. I'd never heard of this blog, Human Advancement, until I followed a link from Billy Beck this morning. Yet if I'm not mistaken, the creator of the blog himself wrote to me earlier this week.

Last week was the pits. One of those weeks where you want to duck because you know that every time you put your head up something will whack you in the skull. A week where I couldn't find a satisfying way out of a stuck spot. This week -- as so often seems to happen -- has been the opposite. It's been a week of synchronicities. Of multiple people considentally bearing the same very fundamental messages (often having no idea they're doing so). Of random contacts turning out to be linked in a web of connections. Of signposts all pointing in the same direction. Of human goodness overriding human weakness from many directions. Of creativity flowing from others into me and back again. Of "the universe" or "the gods" or however you want to put it, sending &^%#ing Messages.

You gotta love moments like these -- even though they're scary as hell. So often, they're showing you a path you need to take and you know that path is going to be interesting but perilous. I'm already planning a life change. All these synchronicities are telling me the path I'm contemplating isn't perilous enough, that I am in fact being a coward and a wuss and that despite my ego-puffed opinion to the contrary, I am actually not following my heart as far as I should. Argh.

Posted by Claire @ 09:00 AM CST

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