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10/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Hooray for the Patriot Act?"

"HOORAY FOR THE PATRIOT ACT!" Or so says nearly every freaking law-and-order television show I've watched over the past week.

Debra here (yes, I watch TV. No, I shouldn't. I shouldn't eat those Doritoes either. Bummer.) In any case, over the last several weeks, I've seen the Patriot Act mentioned on Navy:NCIS, JAG, Jake 2.0, Alias, and just last night on Threat Matrix. It was mentioned in several other shows, but I don't recall offhand which ones they were.

In every case, one of the good guys was saying, "Thank God for the Patriot Act. Now we can put slimeballs like [insert evil terrorist guy] away forever." A character in Threat Matrix specifically states, "Are you kidding? With the Patriot Act, we don't have to get a warrant. If we just suspect they're involved with terrorism we can get phone records, library records, even access their computer."

The kind, generous, and not-overly-bright part of me wants to say that the liberal media is trying to get people to recognize the dangers inherent in the sweeping powers afforded by the Patriot Act.

However, my sensible side points out that if that were the case, why is it always the wildcard good guy who uses the Patriot Act to get around those stodgy and outmoded bureaucratic rules, like the Bill of Rights? By the climax of the show, you're cheering the hero ... and his use of the Patriot Act.

Maybe Claire's right and I should just ditch the TV.

Nah. ;-)

Posted by Debra @ 10:09 AM CST

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