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10/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Firefly Fans"

IF YOU MISSED THE SHORT BUT POWERFUL SERIES "FIREFLY" that was part of Fox's lineup a few years back, you're in luck.

Debra here. The Firefly DVD - 13 episodes, including 3 that were never broadcast - is coming out in early December. Freedom-lovers, you've GOT to see this series.

A review from "Free-Market.Net" states:

Even in the vast wasteland of network TV shows, occasionally a libertarian-themed show slips under the radar. This years sci-fi hit, Joss Whedon's "Firefly," which airs Fridays on FOX at 8PM (7PM
CST) is set 500 years from now, in a future where the "Alliance" has just been victorious against the "Independents" in a galaxy-wide civil war. Captain Malcolm (Mal) Reynolds, a defeated "Independent" soldier who opposed the unification of the planets by the Alliance, commands a small transport ship, Serenity. Serenity and its crew flies to the border planets, many of which are barely inhabited, because they want to stay away from the Alliance and below its big radar, for legitimate transport and salvage runs, as well as more entrepreneurial endeavors. The title song, "Ballad of Serenity," is unabashedly libertarian.

And Miss Liberty says:

The story line, such as it is, has a broken-down itinerant tramp-steamer spaceship wandering the galaxy on off-the-books commercial runs, harboring fugitives from the evil interworld government, smuggling goods and defying authority on all planets. Not exactly Star Trek -- the federation government is the villain in this one, and the crew of rebels includes a preacher, prostitute, soldier of fortune, and an antihero captain just out to make a legal or illegal buck. It's a real hoot, created by Joss Whedon (Toy Story, Alien, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) -- more in the tradition of 'Have Gun Will Travel' than 'The Prisoner,' but definitely on the side of liberty, individualism, and unfettered free trade."

Posted by Debra @ 10:23 AM CST

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