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03/12/2007 Archived Entry: "Haliburton moving to Dubai"

"HALLIBURTON WILL MOVE HQ TO DUBAI." Now doesn't that sound like a headline from The Onion? But it's apparently the straight skinny.

If Halliburton were merely a freemarket oil-field services company wanting to be near its best markets, dandy. Dubai is the world's hottest place for energy deals & who can blame a profit-making entity from wanting to be where the profit is? Dubai is low-tax heaven for big biz. If Halliburton were just another company, who could argue? (Although the attractiveness of Dubai would still look like another strange, sad sign of America's foolish downfall.)

But for a company that's been rubbing butt cheeks with the president of the U.S. for all these years to say, "Screw you, U.S.A.! We're happy to take your Pentagon billions without accountability. But now the grass looks greener in Dubai. We're going to take our corporate payroll and run!" ... well, I'm sorry. That just beggars imagination. And announcing this flight right in the middle of a war that was basically custom-created by the U.S. government to serve their corporate interests ... man, that takes brass.

So will Dubya and his Pentagon (with the aid of Democrat congressthings, whining and posturing but complying) continue to throw unaccounted mega-billions of your dollars and mine at this soon-to-be foreign-based corporate entity? How far can politicians take their fraud of protecting American interests?

Posted by Claire @ 09:10 AM CST

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