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09/17/2005 Archived Entry: "An actual GOOD reason to contact your congressthing"

I THOUGHT IMPS WOULD BE WEARING SNOWSUITS before I ever recommended contacting your congressthing. But do it in the cause of monkeywrenching. Monkeywrenching that could help free many innocent, wrongly convicted gun owners.

The BATFE has NO documented firearms testing procedures. They testify against and terrorize people based on completely arbitrary non-standards. What better way to highlight that than to get your congresscritter to ask for a copy of the non-existent document?

And no, I don't think the BATFE would be a "good" organization if it had standards. And I don't suffer from the illusion that it can be "reformed." I think it would be a "good" (that is, useful) organization if it were stuffed into a cannon and fired into outer space, along with the IRS and most of the rest of the federal government. But since we have to live with it for the time being, let's make it as miserable as it has made us. Kudos to Ian for the post and mega-kudos to one of my few personal heroes, Len Savage, for being one of the few firearms makers with the cojones to stand up to the BATFE. Len's the one who uncovered the lack of documentation and came up with the strategy of requesting what doesn't exist.

Posted by Claire @ 07:26 AM CST

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