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09/20/2004 Archived Entry: "Desert sojourn soon"

AT THE END OF THIS WEEK I'LL BE OFF on a desert sojourn. I'll still be blogging, but as I mentioned earlier, probably only a couple of days a week and mostly on more personal, reflective topics. I hope to leave much of the news behind. There's nothing new in the news; obcessing on it saps energy that could be used more creatively.

My brain has been a seething mass of creative energy lately. Which is a good thing because I'm going off to work on a very creative project. Me, the dogs, a tent, no regular Net connection, and a cellphone mainly for emergency use.

I'll tell you more about it as I go. I tried to write something about my plans and my intentions just now and found that the time wasn't right.

Posted by Claire @ 07:59 AM CST

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