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06/15/2004 Archived Entry: "Speaking of silly news ..."

SPEAKING OF SILLY NEWS (as I was earlier today) ... I know you're really not supposed to laugh at an axe-murder story. But how can you help it?

Da Silva told the Pretoria High Court that voices in his head had instructed him to become a serial killer, the Star said.

He said he wanted to be caught before killing any more people and could not understand why it took police six weeks to catch him after he left clues for them to follow "like Hansel and Gretel."

"It should have taken police two days. It was their job to arrest me. I pay taxes and their salary," the newspaper reported him as saying.

Da Silva, who lived in a swank suburb in South Africa, killed an interior designer because she failed to say anything nice about his decor.

Posted by Claire @ 12:07 PM CST

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