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08/17/2005 Archived Entry: "Another man's visit to Hiroshima"

FATHER GEORGE ZABELKA VISITED HIROSHIMA. Before that, he served as a priest to the airmen who dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and gave them his blessing. In Blessing the Bombs, LewRockwell.com offers us a powerful, personal, and moving account of one man's journey away from truth and back again.

Why It's Time for Us to Confront Hiroshima by Leo Maley III and Uday Mohan reminds us that scathing criticism of these atrocities was standard fare for conservatives ranging from Herbert Hoover to William Buckley from 1945 to the late 1950s. Sadly, today's "conservatives" are more likely to hurl epithets such as "pacifist" (and much worse) at anyone who questions mass murder of civilians. Or the "war on terror," the dismantling of civil liberties, or the invasion and occupation of an innocent, impoverished, relatively harmless nation. Name-calling is a tactic best employed by those without logic, reason, and evidence to buttress their positions. If I am labeled pacifist, or even traitor (to a state that threatens my very existence) for confronting mass murder, so be it.

If there were ever a time for America to confront the painful topic of past war crimes, it is now. As Paul Craig Roberts reminds us in yet another excellent LewRockwell.com article, Get Ready for World War III "The Bush administration is insane. If the American people do not decapitate it by demanding Bush’s impeachment, the Bush administration will bring about Armageddon. "

Claire and the TCF cohort have produced a great deal of thoughtful and practical information on emergency preparedness, bug out bags, gulching, and more. Confronted with the very real and very imminent threat of annihilating the human race, if not the entire biosphere, I submit that it is time to demand change (impeachment is just the beginning) as well as making preparations for the unthinkable.


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