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07/09/2003 Archived Entry: "Karen de Coster on the twentysomething male"

KAREN DE COSTER LAMENTS THE SHORTCOMINGS OF MODERN RELATIONSHIPS on LewRockwell.com today. I don't agree with Karen on all things, and certainly not with all things in this essay. But she pinpoints a key drawback in contemporary relationships.

There is no benefit in getting into a live-in relationship where both parties have to hold down full-time jobs, but one party still has the major responsibility for housework and childcare.

You can blame feminism, welfare, the collapse of patriarchy, male weakness, male rootlessness in an era of feminized values, female ball-breaking, or female self-sacrifice for this state of affairs. Or blame something else altogether. But unless men and women can once again find equal benefit and usefulness within relationships, family life will continue to be the shipwreck it presently is. Millions of men will feel obsolete and uninvolved. Millions of women will look at their neverending labor and lack of partnership and conclude that singleness is less of a burden than togetherness.

Posted by Claire @ 01:58 PM CST

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