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08/30/2005 Archived Entry: "New Orleans under water"

AT FIRST IT LOOKED AS IF NEW ORLEANS DODGED THE BULLET when Katrina weakened and shifted her track. But levee breaks have now put most of the city under water -- in some places as deep as 20 feet. That's as high as a two-story building!

Some reports say the city is under martial law. Other reports say those reports are wrong. But it appears that the poor slobs forced to take dubious refuge in the Superdome, are now locked inside, forbidden even to go out on a walkway for fresh air.

Note to self: Increase the three-day food supply in the bug-out bag to a full week's worth. Plan ahead for a non-government refuge if you must flee. Stay out of big cities ... Oh, I already know that one. Stay the hell out of big cities ...

Posted by Claire @ 05:33 PM CST

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