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09/13/2005 Archived Entry: "TCF goes down and comes back up again"

SIGH. SO MUCH FOR OUR BRILLIANT PLAN TO RESCUE TCF from excess downtime. Yesterday, less than 24 hours after moving to a new hosting service, the forums went down. And this time we lost a day's worth of data. We never lost data during earlier downages.

We're looking into real-time mirroring of the site, although this may be a technical challenge beyond our abilities. And I surely hope that ipowerweb.com (the same company that hosts this blog) gets generator backup. Apparently, yesterday's big Los Angeles power outage hit some of their servers -- although not the one holding this blog. In any case, we'll do everything we can on our end to make sure TCF's problems get solved and remain solved. Once again, particular thanks to Bill St. Clair, who has made TCF's recovery and survival his own project. He's been nothing short of a hero this last week.

Posted by Claire @ 10:04 AM CST

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